By Tony, Director of UX and Design

When new team members walk into the Echo Tech department for the first time, they’re sure to notice the vibrant street art on the walls, gaming systems, ping-pong table, and arcade cabinet. I enjoy the games and art as much as the next person, but as Director of UX and Design, I also know these details serve a larger purpose. They are a manifestation of the culture of innovation that my department and I are helping to create at Echo.

Providing value through design is everything to the user experience, which is why Echo places such an emphasis on creativity and innovation. The tech department is unique in that we design technology that reflects our core audience’s employee experience—from shippers and carriers to internal Echo team members. Our strong sense of culture allows my department to create technology that encompasses a wide range of voices in our industry.

We focus on creating visually appealing and efficient tools that allow Echo employees and clients to manage day-to-day shipments with ease. It’s important to approach every project with an open and collaborative mentality. I like to have everyone on my team become his or her own entrepreneur. We all wear many hats because we want to grow our skillsets, enabling us to push the envelope with new technologies. Everyone has the potential to be a leader at Echo.

I’m very open and transparent with my team. We brainstorm, critique, and challenge each other daily to create valuable user experiences. We’re building cutting-edge technology with efficient user workflows and strategic outcomes. The tech world is constantly evolving, and I look forward to helping take the company to the next level.

Today, we’re nearly a $2.5 billion company. What takes us further? The answer is a top-notch team. Tech is going through a revolution, and for those who want to be at the helm, it’s all about finding a team that allows you to grow exponentially. And for me, the work at Echo is just beginning.

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