Full truckload shipping is a form of freight transportation in which an entire trailer is dedicated to one client’s shipment.

If you have enough freight to fill the full capacity of a semi-trailer or you simply prefer your freight to have its own dedicated trailer, then full truckload is the right transportation mode for you.

What are the Benefits of Shipping Full Truckload?

Full truckload shipping can offer faster transit times than other types of shipping, since a truckload shipment only travels to one destination, requiring fewer stops compared to other modes like less than truckload (LTL) shipping.

In addition, with full truckload shipping, once the trailer is sealed, the freight is not moved or touched during transit, resulting in less risk of damage. Because truckload shipments head directly to their final destinations, the shortened transit times lead to a decrease in other risks as well, especially in regard to perishable freight.

There is also a variety of equipment that can be used in truckload shipping, such as dry vans, flatbeds, and reefers (refrigerated trucks). These many options ensure that shippers’ goods are transported with the equipment that best fits their needs, regardless of the types of freight they are shipping.

When to use truckload shipping:

  • You prefer your freight to have its own dedicated trailer
  • You have enough freight to fill an entire trailer
  • Your delivery date/time is not flexible

Characteristics of Truckload Equipment

48′ Dry Van:53′ Dry Van:Flat Bed:Step Deck:48′ Reefer:53′ Reefer:
Maximum Freight Weight:42,000-45,000lbs42,000-45,000lbs48,000lbs48,000lbs42,000-45,000lbs42,000-45,000lbs
Maximum Freight Dimensions:Inside Length: 567″Inside Height: 110″Inside Width: 98.7″Inside Length: 630″Inside Height: 110″Inside Width: 98.7″Length: 567″ or 636″Width: 102″Height: 102″Length: 444″
(bottom deck)Length: 132″
(top deck)Width: 102″Height: 120″
(bottom deck)
Inside Length: 558″Inside Height: 103.5″Inside Width at scuff: 97″Inside Width at liner: 97.4″Inside Length: 618″Inside Height: 103.5″Inside Width at scuff: 97″Inside Width at liner: 97.4″
Temperature Range-20 to 75 degrees-20 to 75 degrees

Note: These are the main types of equipment on the road today. Specialized trailers are available upon request.
If you have any questions, please reach out to an Echo representative.