Search, bid, book, manage, track, and get paid all on one easy-to-use platform. 

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Book Instantly and Reduce Check-Ins With EchoDrive

The EchoDrive web portal provides carriers with more flexibility, transparency, and control. As an end-to-end digital solution, EchoDrive simplifies load management for dispatchers, owner-operators, and drivers. Looking for your next load? Use EchoDrive to search, bid, and book.

Managing invoices? View current and past receivables directly from the EchoDrive web portal. Need to update tracking on a shipment? EchoDrive provides real-time tracking to reduce the need for check-in phone calls. The EchoDrive platform helps you manage it all, from anywhere.

Experience More Flexibility, Transparency, and Control


Available Load Access

Gain real-time access to search, view, and bid on available loads.


Load Lifecycle Management

Manage loads, drivers, documents, and invoices with one easy-to-use portal.


Real-Time Tracking

Provide real-time tracking on EchoDrive and reduce the need for phone calls.


Document Upload

Easily submit load documents directly from the EchoDrive mobile app or web portal.

An Innovative, Streamlined Carrier Platform

EchoDrive Web Portal Benefits for Dispatchers

With innovative carrier technology, dispatchers can:

  • Search available loads and book instantly
  • Submit bids and receive instant notification of counter-offer or acceptance
  • Gain a full fleet overview with the ability to manage loads and drivers
  • View Echo load history 
  • Gain complete load visibility throughout shipment processes
  • View current and past receivables in the invoice portal
  • Share load info with one click
  • Set Preferred Lanes and receive daily Suggested Loads tailored to your needs
  • Receive Reload opportunities for loads booked with Echo
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EchoDrive Mobile App Benefits for Company Drivers

EchoDrive Mobile features include:

  • Ability to view all load information in one place
  • Convenient ability to self-dispatch from pick-up to delivery
  • Document upload on the go
  • Real-time tracking
  • Reduced check-in phone calls
  • Privacy control options
  • Android and iOS device compatibility
Carrier using echo technology in cab of truck.

EchoDrive Mobile App Benefits for Owner-Operators

EchoDrive technology provides the following capabilities for owner-operators:

  • Search Available Loads and submit bids (owner-operator)
  • Book loads instantly with Book Now
  • Document upload for quicker payment
  • View all load information in one place
  • Convenient ability to self-dispatch from pick-up to delivery
  • Real-time tracking
  • Reduced check-in phone calls
  • Privacy control options
  • Setup real-time notifications for new loads that become available with Immediate Load Notifications
  • Android and iOS device compatibility

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Do It All With a One Stop Platform

EchoDrive puts communication and load management on cruise control. 

  • Search: Drivers and dispatchers can use EchoDrive to search, view, and bid on available loads. 
  • Book: Book instantly without calling representatives. EchoDrive makes your load booking easier and helps save you time. 
  • Manage: Use our load management tool to gain a full fleet overview, so you stay organized and keep your drivers on the road. 
  • Track: With the EchoDrive mobile app, drivers can submit real-time tracking so they don’t have to complete check-in phone calls — giving dispatchers complete load visibility. 
  • Get paid: With EchoDrive, drivers can easily submit load documents to get paid faster.
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Testimonial “I’ve been hauling freight through Echo Global Logistics for about one year now, and I find that the EchoDrive app is very user-friendly. Also, our representative is very easy to work with.”
Karry C., FedEx Dedicated
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Testimonial “It is convenient to bid on freight, and our representative is always quick to get back to us. EchoDrive saves time!”
Aaron T., Smith Transport
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Testimonial “EchoDrive isn’t just another load board. It’s a long-term partnership where your fleet can roll on with full confidence.”
Kosta K., Maybach
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Testimonial “I love using EchoDrive. It shows me all the info I need, and I can source freight from any region with just a few clicks. It’s simple and easy to use.”
Galin G., AmeriFreight

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