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The future of logistics is built by technology

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Technology at Your Fingertips

Echo’s transportation technology is developed to be accessible. EchoConnect serves as the core of Echo’s innovative freight broker technology, supporting our shipper, carrier and managed transportation solutions. Built on our advanced architecture, Echo’s online platforms EchoShip and EchoDrive, along with a robust transportation management system, streamline processes for both shippers and carriers so they can focus on their business.

Our adaptable solutions, such as our online platforms, EchoShip and EchoDrive, and a robust transportation management system, help streamline processes for shippers and carriers so they can focus on their business. Additionally, we offer multiple levels of integration so shippers and carriers can handle large volumes of data and make better decisions.  

A shipper on a laptop utilizing EchoShip, Echo's web portal for self-service LTL and truckload shipping.


Quote, Book, Ship, Track, and Pay, All in One Place

EchoShip is a self-service web portal for Less-Than-Truckload (LTL), Truckload, and Partial Truckload shippers that leverages our industry-leading freight technology to simplify transportation by enabling shippers to quote and book shipments faster than ever before, see real-time status updates, and manage all load documents in one place.

Carrier on mobile phone and laptop utilizing EchoDrive, Echo's portal for carriers.


Search, Bid, Book, Manage, Track and Get Paid

The EchoDrive mobile app and web portal provides carriers with flexibility, transparency, and control. Log in to find and manage loads instantly. 

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Managed Transportation

Transportation Management Simplified by Innovative Technology 

The advanced supply chain technology behind our Managed Transportation solution is scalable, flexible, and customized to support your business for fast, low-cost deployment of transportation management solutions.


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A shipper on a desktop computer using Echo's LTL and Truckload shipping platform, EchoShip, to ship freight.