Mexico Cross-Border

Take the Complicated Out of Shipping South of the Border with Echo

Whether you’re shipping into or out of Mexico, Echo has the carrier relationships, technology, and experience to move your shipments with ease

Blue semi truck driving across the border in Mexico.
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Streamline your business with Echo’s reliable cross-border freight shipping solutions.

With a presence in Mexico City, Monterrey, and in Laredo, Echo’s team of cross-border shipping experts provide local expertise to address your Mexico needs.

Additionally, Echo offers unique carrier capacity with an extensive base of CTPAT-compliant carriers and increased capacity during seasonal fluctuations, surges, and imbalances.  

Red semi truck driving across the border in Mexico.
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Why Ship with Echo?

Unparalleled Carrier Capacity

Strategic partnerships with carriers on both sides of the border ensure the integrity of capacity commitments, allow for executive decision-making, and guarantee clear communication. Additionally, carriers are meticulously vetted, with the option for CTPAT and OEA compliance.

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Superior Service and Technology

Our technology platform allows us to provide our clients with single-party accountability, visibility, and control.

Echo’s logistics experts will help you navigate the complexities involved in your cross-border shipments. Our bi-lingual experts help you cut through language barriers and comply with Mexico’s trade regulations.

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Solutions Tailored to You

Echo leverages its expertise in customs brokerage clearance, warehousing, crossdocking, and transloading to meet your specific needs. These products and tools can be customized to fit your business model.

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Check Out Echo’s Full Range of Mexico Cross-Border Solutions 

Dry Van Freight Offers Unique Capacity

We have the capacity to handle all your dry van freight as one of the largest 3PL networks in North America. 

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Temp-Controlled Options Maintain Quality 

Our temp-controlled solutions maintain the perfect temperature throughout every stage of your shipment.  

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Flatbed Trailers Cater to Extra Capacity 

Our experts and high-volume capabilities have all your unique cargo covered with various types of flatbed trailer

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Access Unique Capacity for Every Shipment, No Matter the Size

Echo’s unmatched capacity and comprehensive LTL freight solutions make shipping LTL into or out of Mexico easy.

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Get Savings, Efficiency, and Reliability

Benefit from our longstanding contracts with some of the largest rail carriers and drayage partners in North America to save on transportation costs and build flexibility into your supply chain.

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Leverage Strategic Partnerships Backed by Technology

Our managed transportation solution brings better service, savings, and visibility when shipping freight across the border.

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Utilize Echo’s Network, Technology, and Experts Today 

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