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Handle Large Volumes of Data With a Logistics API Integration

EchoSync allows shippers and carriers to automate data exchange seamlessly, accurately, and quickly by connecting to Echo’s integration platform.

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Automate and Accelerate Data Exchange With EchoSync

An Electronic Data Exchange (EDI) or Application Programming Interface (API) can help manage the communication between the complex systems that shippers, carriers, and other 3PL providers use. A logistics API integration or logistics EDI Integration enables the system-to-system transfer of data between Echo Global Logistics and its clients, carriers, third parties, and all forms of TMS software.

EchoSync users can exchange any standard business document (such as a purchase order, invoice, or shipping schedule) via API/EDI as long as both businesses have made the necessary technical preparations. The result? Shippers and carriers easily manage large volumes of data, spend less time on manual data entry and check ins, and gain further transparency into their shipments.

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Logistics API Integration for Shippers

Handle Large Volumes of Data

A freight API integration or freight EDI integration helps shippers manage large volumes of data and coordinate numerous shipments at once. By providing accurate information across LTL and truckload shipments, EchoSync improves efficiency during the shipper’s decision-making process.

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Automate Routine Tasks

EchoSync enables you to automate tasks such as load building, status updates, and invoicing. By allowing your data to flow seamlessly between Echo’s system and a provider’s TMS or ERP, EchoSync saves your team hours of operational work each week.

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Simplify Setup and Management

A shipping API integration or shipping EDI integration doesn’t change the way your business operates. EchoSync requires minimal setup time and can be used with your existing systems. Once you’re up and running, Echo experts provide world-class support, whenever you need it.

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Testimonial “Our API integration with Echo has helped us access thousands of available loads in seconds. We are now able to check freight availability and match with our capacity without ever leaving our TMS. This not only improves and speeds up our team’s booking experience, but also leads to significant productivity gains.”
Mark El Khoury, The AI Fleet

Logistics API Integration for Carriers

Reduce Manual Check Ins

EchoSync provides you with automated load booking, eliminating the need for calls, emails, or instant messaging. By automating your load booking process, EchoSync allows you to shift your focus to keeping drivers on the move without delays.

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Manage Capacity With Real-Time Data

To ship consistent lanes, operate on tight margins, or manage multiple parts of your shipments’ journey, you need reliable and accessible load data. EchoSync provides instantaneous load tenders, tracking updates, and document and invoice transmissions.

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Rapidly Integrate Data

As soon as you book a load, Echo ensures your information is quickly and accurately entered into your system. EchoSync automatically integrates booked loads into your existing system and easily fits into your current freight booking process flow.

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Support From the People Behind the Tech

Echo’s team of experts supports your logistics API integration or EDI integration from setup through management. Our technology solutions are designed to meet you where you are, seamlessly tailoring your integration to your system’s needs.

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