Refrigerated Consolidation

Streamline Efficiency and Minimize Expenses for Temperature-Controlled LTL Shipping

Echo’s Consolidated Temperature-Controlled LTL solution offers lower costs, faster transit, lower claims potential, and is more eco-friendly.

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A shipper working at their desk on a laptop.
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Dedicated Temperature-Controlled Capacity

Freight consolidation means combining smaller shipments into one full load. With this option, your freight stays on the same trailer throughout transit. This means no extra stops, no time lost switching containers, and greater efficiency for your business. In short, this mode is terminal-free, more cost-effective, and more efficient.

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Why Ship with Echo?

Market Flexibility

When high demand can’t keep up with limited supply, consolidated temperature-controlled shipping can always get your freight wherever it needs to go, embargo-free!

Blue semi truck with reefer semi trailer driving on the road transporting perishable products.

Trusted Reliability

Even in a tightened market, Echo can provide access to regular capacity, and our experts can find you the optimal carrier partner for you and your freight.

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Temperature Maintenance

Consolidated temperature-controlled shipping moves chilled products at 34°, ensuring your freight maintains the perfect temperature throughout every stage of the shipment process.

A truck driver adjusts the temperature of their refrigeration semi truck trailer.

Sustainable Shipping

Consolidation makes your shipment more eco-friendly due to traveling fewer miles and being handled by fewer people. Practice sustainability while eliminating inefficiencies.

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