Get an Extra Layer of LTL Freight Protection

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Keep Your Shipments Safe with Echo’s LTL Freight Insurance, EchoInsure+

Enjoy Peace of Mind with EchoInsure+ 

A quick and easy way to get an extra layer of cargo protection on your LTL shipments. Now, you can select best-in-class coverage during your load booking process in EchoShip or through your Echo representative. Adding Echo’s cargo insurance, EchoInsure+, to your shipment allows you to receive:

  • Best-in-class cargo coverage 
  • Cargo claims paid as fast as 10 days 
  • Zero deductible up to $10,000 
  • Broader protection with fewer exclusions 
  • Full value coverage instead of limited carrier liability 

Additional Benefits

Risks of not adding EchoInsure+

Best-in-class coverage at a lower cost than declaring excess value with carrier

Prompt attention to settlement against both unpaid or underpaid covered losses

Affordable coverage for the protection you need, saving you from financial loss and expense

Carrier is only liable when goods are in their care

Potential for extensive defenses and exclusions for loss and damage as the result of external factors or Acts of God

Financial responsibility only up to limits set by the carrier

Claims resolved within 120 days


Learn more about how Echo can protect your LTL shipments with EchoInsure+

A forklift carefully loading a LTL shipment into a semi truck.