Management is committed to achieving the principles of responsible environmental management, sustainability, and protection of the natural environment in our workplace, which includes maintaining an Integrated Management System that includes ISO 14001 certification.

Aims & Objectives

We are committed to environmental improvement and prevention of pollution. We will achieve this by working with our customers, suppliers, and the community to adopt procedures that:

  • Reduce waste through innovative work practices and recycling practices
  • Minimize environmental impacts by reduction of polluting substances produced by our operations, activities, materials, or services
  • Increase the use of environmentally acceptable materials, equipment, and technology in place of those which are considered harmful
  • Encourage our suppliers to follow acceptable environmental policies
  • Actively promote environmental awareness among Employees, clients, and the general public


We recognize that the overall responsibility for environmental sustainability rests with Management, who will be accountable for the implementation of this policy.  These responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring that all environmental policies and procedures are implemented
  • Establishing measurable objectives and targets to ensure continued improvement aimed at the elimination of waste, pollution, and environmental harm
  • Encouraging consultation and co-operation between management, employees, and stakeholders in matters which may affect or impact the environment
  • Providing adequate resources to meet these environmental commitments

Our employees also have responsibilities, which include:

  • Following all environmental policies and procedures
  • Recognizing and reporting hazards which may affect the health and well-being of the environment
  • Providing progressive recommendations and ideas to eliminate pollutants and adopt environmental products as part of our operations

The Echo Footprint

We are keeping our eye on the big picture and are well aware of the impact that transportation has on ecological sustainability. As a third-party logistics (“3PL”) company, the shape and size of our environmental footprint is important to us. Our goal as a 3PL is to create efficient supply chains, reduce waste, and decrease carbon emissions. Our main focus is to reduce empty miles and optimize backhaul opportunities.

Smartway Partnership

In 2010, Echo joined the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Smartway ® Transport Partnership to measure, benchmark, and improve its environmental footprint. Echo supports a relationship between our carrier network, shippers, and SmartWay. Echo actively encourages its carriers to register with Smartway. We are committed to Smartway’s goal of assisting freight shippers, carriers, and logistics companies to help improve fuel efficiency and save money. Echo seeks to mitigate environmental risks for companies and reduce transportation-related emissions that affect climate change. Echo demonstrates its commitment to helping improve the operational efficiencies of our clients and carriers through our technology and services.

Integrated Management System

Echo’s Integrated Quality Manual is intended to provide an overview of the key elements of the company’s Integrated Management System.

The Integrated Manual is broken down into sections which address the critical requirements of the regulatory and certification standards per the scope.

The standards applicable for this Integrated Management System are:

  • ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System Requirements
  • ISO 13485: 2016 Medical Device System Requirements
  • ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Management System Requirements

The scope of Echo’s ISO certifications cover operations performed at our headquarters located in Chicago, Illinois.

Conservation Efforts

Echo is committed to reducing its environmental footprint by identifying energy efficiencies within our facilities, leveraging renewable energy, and participating in conservation projects including:

  • Single sort recycling in our offices
  • E-recycling, with a goal of recycling 100% of all electronic devices
  • Policy to procure energy star electronic devices
  • Paperless invoicing for customers
  • Environmentally friendly office cleaning supplies
  • Conversion efforts of updating all lightbulbs to LED lightbulbs
  • Contributing to a carbon neutral fund for use of non-renewable products within our office space