Echo Chairman & CEO, Doug Waggoner, Interviewed by Wall Street Journal

In the article, Doug Waggoner discusses the company’s move from public to private and the benefit it will have for its shippers and carriers.


Echo Chairman & CEO, Doug Waggoner, Interviewed by Logistics Management

In the article, Doug Waggoner discusses various topics, including the freight market, supply chain costs, peak season, e-commerce, M&A, and more.


Built In Chicago Highlights Echo as a Company Looking for Top Sales Talent

In an article on companies currently hiring for sales positions, Echo’s sales department, company culture, and technology were highlighted by Built In Chicago through a Q&A with Echo's Sales Manager, Frankie Rodriguez.


Echo Division Vice President and Client Featured in FreightWaves

Andy Hafertepe and Echo’s client, Taraca Pacific, discuss the pandemic’s impact on transportation and logistics within the lumber industry and how Echo has helped Taraca Pacific navigate through this challenging time.


Echo Chief Commercial Officer Featured in FreightWaves

Sean Burke explains how produce season is contributing to the continuation of the current tight-capacity freight market and details what shippers can do to overcome the challenges of this high-demand environment.