Michael Zamost

Michael Zamost, Vice President of Intermodal

Michael Zamost joined Echo Global Logistics as part of the Command Transportation acquisition by Echo in June 2015. He has served as Vice President of Intermodal and Carrier Sales Solutions at Echo since January 2017. Previously, Mr. Zamost held various roles at Command Transportation from January 2001 up through the acquisition by Echo, at which point he was Vice President of Intermodal and Carrier Sales at Command. Prior to this, Mr. Zamost held various roles at Applebee’s International, where he was the Director of Restaurants in the Midwest region.

Mr. Zamost is considered an industry expert on intermodal transportation and serves on the Customer Engagement board of CSX. He is a frequent guest lecturer on the topic of intermodal and over-the-road transportation.

Mr. Zamost holds a bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University. He is a past participant in the Dash for Detection for Pancreatic Cancer Research and lives with his family in the northern suburbs of Chicago.

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