In the transportation industry, carriers are the backbone of freight shipping. At Echo Global Logistics, our dedicated carriers provide exceptional service while maintaining the highest of standards and practices for every shipment. That’s why each quarter, we take a moment to highlight the hard work of just a few of these committed transporters who demonstrate exceptional professionalism, expertise, and transportation capabilities.

In the midst of a difficult and rapidly changing market, meeting tight delivery dates to keep the economy moving can be tough. Echo is proud to show our support for the exemplary carriers and diligent drivers who dedicate their time and expertise to the roads every day to ensure every shipment is delivered safely and securely.

We are pleased to congratulate the Q3 winners of Echo’s Carrier of the Quarter Awards. Our awards recognize six carriers based on low cancellation, on-time delivery, electronic tracking, and overall service.

Congratulations to the following carriers:

Carrier of the Quarter – Owner/Operator

Old Hall Logistics, Compton, CA

Carrier of the Quarter – Small-Mid Fleet

DLR Logistics, Inc., Temple City, CA

Carrier of the Quarter – Large Fleet

S&H Express, Inc., York, PA

Digital Carrier of the Quarter

Arka Express, Markham, IL

Contractual Carrier of the Quarter

Evolution Express, Richmond, VA

Diverse Supplier of the Quarter

Texas Carriers LLC, Laredo, TX

Here’s what our honored carriers had to say:

“Echo’s customer service team is always on point. They are terrific communicators who consistently provide us with a variety of options that fit our drivers’ schedules and get them home with those always important backhauls!”

  • Ashley Cousins, Customer Service Representative, S&H Express

“Echo and Arka Express established long lasting relationship over the years working together, going through ups and downs. Big part of success is longevity in partnership by being consistent and looking for win/win solutions.” 

  • Art Astrauskas, COO, Arka Express

“Echo’s team is one of the best we have worked with across the entire industry. Unlike other brokers and 3PLs who are forcing automation to dominate every interaction, Echo’s combination of its great people and systems have allowed us to maintain profitability and sanity during this extremely tough market. Having someone you can build a relationship with makes all the difference in the world, and Echo is a great partner for everyone here on the Evolution Express Team.” 

  • Chris Mills, Owner, Evolution Express

“Transparency, expertise, and support are the standout traits that Echo offers that make them a great 3PL partner. By leveraging Echo’s technology, Texas Carriers has achieved its goals of increased efficiency and cost savings. We look forward to continuing to work together.”

  • Edgar Villarreal, CSR, Texas Carriers

Our carriers allow us to foster trusted relationships and provide the exceptional shipping capabilities that our clients rely on. On Echo’s side of the relationship, we continue to invest in advanced and continually evolving technology to create simple solutions to complex challenges. For example, with our online carrier platform EchoDrive, carriers can search, bid, book, manage, track, and get paid on freight hauled for Echo in real time. This type of investment in continuous innovation generates positive connections between shippers and carriers, allowing Echo to make transportation management easy.

To learn more about our EchoDrive and EchoShip solutions, contact an Echo representative today at 800-354-7993 or

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