Less than truckload (LTL)

Get Unmatched Capacity Backed by Leading Technology and Logistics Experts for Every Shipment, No Matter the Size

Echo’s extensive transportation network, proprietary technology, and 24/7 support from logistics experts make moving LTL freight easy

Echo’s Large, Diverse Carrier Network Means Unmatched Capacity and Comprehensive LTL Solutions for Shippers

Put our purchasing intelligence, proprietary technology, and expertise to work. As one of the largest 3PLs in North America, we leverage strong relationships with over 120 top volume LTL carriers nationwide to offer optimal pricing programs. Additionally, our EchoShip web portal for shippers provides instant access to our full network of less-than-truckload capacity 24/7, 365. Quote, book, ship, track, and manage invoices, all in one place.

Our dedicated experts make sure your loads are monitored door-to-door. Whether you are looking for step-by-step tracking or customized reporting, we give you complete visibility over your shipments.


Check Out Echo’s Full Range of LTL Solutions

  • Traditional LTL: Pay only for the space you need. Manage your spend without sacrificing speed with Traditional LTL shipping.
  • Volume: Does your shipment have too many pallets for Traditional LTL, but not enough for TL? Ask our experts about Volume LTL Shipping.
  • Expedited: Is your shipment time-sensitive? Meet deadlines with our LTL expedited solution.
  • Cross-Border: Whether you’re shipping into or out of Mexico or Canada, we have the carrier relationships, technology, and experience to move your shipments with ease.
  • Temperature-Controlled LTL: Transport your temperature-sensitive shipments even if they don’t qualify for Truckload Shipping.

Echo’s Extensive Carrier Network Brings You Access to Capacity

Backed by our proprietary technology and a client-focused approach, we have built strong partnerships with the top LTL carriers in North America. Our extensive network includes OTR fleets of all sizes, including owner operators as well as dedicated capacity and private fleets, which means we offer capacity you can’t find elsewhere.


Echo’s Best-in-Class Technology Allows Shippers to Quote and Book Shipments Faster Than Ever Before

Our proprietary technology, EchoShip, is an innovative self-service web portal that enables you to quote, book, ship, track, and manage invoices, all in one place. EchoShip’s digital freight network offers access to our competitive carrier marketplace to help you find the right carrier for your business needs. Additionally, EchoShip offers access to the reporting and analytics you need to make informed decisions and uncover continuous improvement opportunities.

Echo Employees

Echo’s Dedicated Experts Are by Your Side 24/7

With our experts by your side, you’ll receive the reliable service and communication you need 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our LTL specialists utilize their expertise to help you develop your shipping strategy and are your partners in navigating spot, contract freight, seasonal spikes, and more. Our experts leverage our size, scale, and close carrier relationships to source and manage LTL capacity to support your shipping needs.


Echo Has the Right LTL Solution to Fit Your Needs

With traditional LTL, volume, expedited shipping, and more, we have the right solution to move whatever items you need to ship wherever they need to go. Additionally, we ship cross-border to Canada and Mexico, making us one of the largest and well-connected 3PL's in North America.

M. Holland, a leading international distributor of thermoplastic resins, needed to find a way to keep pace with demand after a period of rapid growth saw an increase in LTL shipping. That led them to choose Echo as their shipper of choice due to our technological expertise and dedicated LTL Carrier Network.

With Echo, we experienced an attitude of continuous improvement. Very quickly we realized that Echo could optimize, refine, and create a more efficient routing process for our needs.

Pete Nutley, Vice President of Operations, M. Holland