Our technology ensures better data transmission, collection, and analysis—helping shippers and carriers streamline tasks and reduce costs.

With integrated portals and customized applications, our proprietary technology delivers real-time connectivity across the supply chain.
Maximize your transportation spend with easy-to-use, scalable tools.


Use our self-service web portal to track active shipments and view payment status. You can customize EchoTrak pages to mirror your internal processes—and manage freight from anywhere.

RateIQ™ 2.0

Get real-time, optimal LTL carrier pricing and transit times powered by our proprietary algorithms and in-house technology.


This unique business intelligence platform provides a custom dashboard for fast access to vital metrics across all modes and shipment phases.


Our proprietary software is flexible and highly scalable, adapting to your needs.

Efficient Integration

All parties in the shipment process operate from portals on the same platform, for better data capture, seamless communication, and comprehensive reporting.


Dashboards provide instant access to complete information, from a single shipment to your total transportation spend.