Get a glimpse of the benefits of Echo's self-service LTL shipper portal with our EchoShip overview.

Review EchoShip features in detail in our tutorial videos.

View & Update User Profile

Update contact information and password.

Load Board

Search, sort, and export shipment history. View detail such as track and trace notes and bill of lading (BOL) documents. Copy existing load details to a new shipment.

Quote Board

Search, sort, and export quote history. Book or re-rate quotes. Copy, share, and print quote details.

Truckload Quoting

EchoShip can now manage your truckload quoting needs in three easy steps.

Route & Schedule

Find, add, update, and save locations for use as shipment origin or destination. Add an option blind location or requested delivery date.

Add Items

Identify items included in the shipment, special instructions for loading items, and reference numbers. Create items as new or utilize saved items.

Hazardous Item Management

Learn the multiple ways you can add or manage your hazardous items in EchoShip.

Carrier Selection

Compare carrier quote options and sort or filter by price, carrier name, transit time, or liability amount.

Shipment Confirmation

Review, download, print, or share shipment bill of lading (BOL). Copy shipment details to a new shipment. Add shipment to Watch List. View shipment details including route map, current status, and available track and trace details.

Invoice Board

View open and paid invoices. Search, sort, and download invoice detail.

Invoice Payment

View, search, sort, and pay open invoices via credit card or eCheck.