Q1 - Your Job Title
Q2 - Please match your function: (check the best one)
Q3 - Please Indicate Your Company Type: (select best match)
Q4 - Please indicate the services you recommend, specify, approve, or purchase: (check all that apply)
Q5 - Your best guess on how much your company spent on transportation and related logistics services and technology in the last year:
Q6 - Regions where your company has logistics partners. (check all that apply)
Q7 - How many people are at your location?
Q8 - Please list three third-party logistics companies that excel in meeting your needs.
Q9 - Tell us why you think the 3PL companies you chose in the previous questions merit industry recognition.
Q10 - What are the most important challenges you face today? (check all that apply)
Q11 - Which is a more important criterion for measuring 3PL performance:
Q12 - What is the number one reason for a failed 3PL partnership?
Q13 - Should companies generally partner with one 3PL or more than one?
Q14 - How many 3PLs do you use?

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