Jay Gustafson, Senior Vice President Marketplace Solutions

Jay has served as Echo Global Logistics’ Senior Vice President of Carrier Operations since March of 2016. He joined the company as Vice President of Carrier Sales in 2013 after his previous company, Open Mile, was acquired by Echo. Throughout his 14 years in the logistics industry, Jay has served in multiple leadership positions focused on team building, process, and technology. Mr. Gustafson holds a bachelor’s degree in Advertising from Bradley University.

4 Ways Shippers Can Benefit from a Drop Trailer Program

Drop Trailer

Recently the term “Shipper of Choice” has been used more frequently within the transportation community. While there are multiple strategies a shipper can deploy to attract carrier partners, one of the most impactful is having an efficient loading and unloading operation.

Drop trailer programs are an effective way to achieve… Read more

What Is Partial Truckload and Why Should You Be Shipping It?

Partial Truckload

If you’re not currently using partial truckload, you may not even know it exists. The mode is vastly underutilized by shippers, but it offers many benefits.

First off, what is it? Partial truckload is that sweet spot between less than truckload (LTL) and full truckload. (It is also called “volume LTL” by some carriers who offer it.) When your shipment is too big for LTL but too small… Read more