The coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to have an immense impact on our communities and across the country. During these unprecedented times, companies have risen to the occasion to help those in need.  

This is the case with Echo’s client, Blinking Owl Distillery, the first craft distillery in Orange County, CA. Normally, Blinking Owl specializes in making grain-to-glass craft spirits such as vodka, gin, whiskey, and more. However, since the COVID-19 outbreak created an ever-growing demand for hand sanitizer, Blinking Owl completely revamped their operations to produce thousands of bottles of antiseptic to help those in need. 

When the number of COVID-19 infections in Orange County, CA, began to rise dramatically, Blinking Owl knew they could help in a big way. As a distillery, the company had the technical expertise and many of the main ingredients needed to make hand sanitizer. Using a formula provided by the World Health Organization, Blinking Owl began distilling and sourcing high-proof ethyl alcohol to which they added glycerin and hydrogen peroxide to create hand sanitizer. They have already produced thousands of bottles to fulfill countless orders and donation requests.   

Because the distillery team worked around the clock to meet the overwhelming demand, they needed additional help to coordinate their many shipments of hand sanitizer. But once they connected with Echo Global Logistics, our team of experts was able to fully manage the transportation of product to hospitals, first responders, and those most vulnerable.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Echo to ship our hand sanitizer to those who need it most,” said Brian Christenson, Chief Executive Officer at Blinking Owl Distillery. “To have Echo’s team of experts manage our shipments is a huge help as it allows us to focus on our core business. We value Echo’s dedication and expertise as we continue to ramp up our production of hand sanitizer to meet demand.”

Blinking Owl is now producing about 4,000 gallons of hand sanitizer per week to meet the overwhelming needs of its community. As more medical facilities, public agencies, and private businesses place orders for hand sanitizer, Echo continues to secure the shipments of this product.   

“At Echo, we streamline transportation for our clients, ensuring their goods are delivered quickly, securely, and cost-effectively,” said Doug Waggoner, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer at Echo. “We’re extremely proud to manage transportation for Blinking Owl as they step up to help their community during the COVID-19 situation.”

During this time, Echo remains fully operational, continuing to service all modes of transportation, including truckload, partial truckload, LTL, intermodal, and expedited. Drawing on our network of more than 50,000 carriers, our team diligently monitors your shipments from origin to destination to ensure your freight delivers on time, safely, and within budget. 

To book a shipment with Echo, contact a representative today at 800-354-7993 or, or request a quote for a shipment.

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