Echo helped us move that very first pallet and today, they’re moving 10,000 pallets a month. It’s a beautiful growth story. We couldn't have asked for a better partner.

Sean Riley, Chief Executive “Dude,” Dude Products

Dude Products Scales Nationwide Via Decade-long Partnership with Echo

A Shark Tank success story, Dude Products is best known for Dude Wipes and for reaching customers in an offbeat yet authentic way. As an Echo Managed Transportation client, the company has grown 500x since appearing on Shark Tank. Partnering exclusively with Echo, the company has shipped 1.5… Read more

Echo does a really nice job of understanding our customer needs, so that when they manage transportation for us, they not only understand what we need as a shipper but what our customers expect on the delivery end, as well. That's important to us from an overall service perspective.

Robert Burman, Transportation Manager, Newell Brands

In Partnering with Echo, Newell Brands Finds a Strategic Path Forward

Newell Brands is a $13 billion consumer products company with a vast portfolio of brands, including RubberMaid, Coleman, and Sharpie. Faced with the challenge of streamlining their supply chain management for such a diverse network of products, Newell discovered that Echo's industry expertise and… Read more

The fact that Echo's on top of our business, they're the eyes and ears of our business, maybe know our business better than us in some ways, has made them a successful partner and able to grow with Molson Coors.

Jake Killgore, Transportation Manager, Molson Coors

Echo Provides Best-In-Class Service to Meet Molson Coors' Needs and Exceed Expectations

As the second-largest brewer in the United States, Molson Coors (formerly MillerCoors) produces beer for dozens of brands in a variety of locations around the country. With such a complex manufacturing system, along with the need to be continuously shipping their product to meet customer demand,… Read more

“With Echo, we experienced an attitude of continuous improvement. Very quickly we realized that Echo could optimize, refine, and create a more efficient routing process for our needs.”

Pete Nutley, Vice President of Operations, M. Holland

Echo’s Managed Transportation Solution Supports M. Holland’s Rapid Growth with Enhanced Technology and a Dedicated LTL Carrier Network

A leading international distributor of thermoplastic resins, M. Holland supports over 4,000 clients in industries ranging from automotive to healthcare. Following a period of robust growth, M. Holland saw an increase in LTL shipping and needed to find a way to keep pace with demand. Company… Read more

Echo manages Dave & Buster's shipments as if they were their own shipments, cognizant of costs and meeting deadlines.

Richard Lipka, Assistant Vice President of Purchasing, Dave & Buster's

Supporting Store Rollouts amid Record Growth for Dave & Buster’s

Fueled by its growing number of locations nationwide, Dave & Buster's is the go-to chain for family-friendly dining, arcade games, and virtual reality. The process to open a new store is complex and requires dedicated coordination and organization. Typically, for each new store opening,… Read more

Echo really is an extension of our team. They provide the logistics network, solutions, and expertise that Culligan doesn’t have, which has allowed us to focus on the things that are truly a value-add while Echo carries the load of our logistics network.

Jon Backes, Director of Operations, Culligan International Company

Culligan and Echo partnership lets each company play to its strengths

Since 2007, Culligan has worked with Echo, a premier provider of technology-enabled logistics services based in Chicago, to meet its complex transportation requirements. Headquartered in Rosemont, Ill., Culligan maintains an extensive network that includes more than 800 franchise dealers in more… Read more