Did we just quietly close out one of the most volatile decades in the history of freight? We had a couple years marked by really tight capacity, most notably 2018. That was quickly followed by a year of excess capacity, declining rates, and a lot less spot volume. So we have to wonder, what will the next decade bring? Maybe the Digital Freight Revolution will become much more of a reality?

So what does the digital freight revolution mean? In a nutshell, it’s about taking the friction out of the process of freight management. Matching capacity with freight, providing visibility, and hassle-free settlement. Easy, effective, efficient. At Echo, we have launched new freight management tools to enhance and expand all of our capabilities. For our shippers, that means having access to book freight online through EchoShip, getting real-time visibility through our advanced tracking tools, payment/settlement, documentation visibility, quoting, and custom integrations. And of course, standing behind our commitment to service that’s earned us the #1 3PL honor in Inbound Logistics for three years running!

For our carriers, we have launched new features in EchoDrive, our carrier facing web portal and mobile app. Through EchoDrive, our carriers and drivers can have real-time access to our freight, get notified of matching loads, enable efficient real-time tracking, upload critical documents to get paid quickly, and participate in our newly launched Rewards Program. All of these capabilities are matched with our dedicated people to provide consistent and reliable communication that creates ease of doing business with Echo.

At Echo, we talk about the things we can do to differentiate our services in the marketplace, and it always comes back to people, technology, and our carrier network. Our people are here to help our clients and carriers, and have the talent, know-how, energy and drive to go the extra mile during the holiday season, and year-round. Our technology is world-class and enables us to leverage data in ways to drive efficiencies in the marketplace.  Our network is robust. We are proud of our partnerships with our carriers and work hard to fill their capacity every day to help them grow and prosper.

All of us here at Echo are wishing our clients and carriers a happy and healthy holiday season and a prosperous 2020!

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